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How do Round-Ups work?
How do Round-Ups work?
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When you make a purchase from one of your linked accounts, Bitstack rounds it up to the nearest euro and automatically invests the spare change in bitcoin.

For example, if you buy a coffee for €2.60, Bitstack will round this purchase up to €3.00 and invest €0.40 in bitcoin.

Bitstack calculates the sum of the roundups made on all your linked accounts throughout the week, and debits you once a week for the total of your roundups. The total of your Roundups will be debited on the payment method you will have selected. You can view your Roundups directly in the app under Round-Ups, as well as details of your transfers by tapping on the Activity tab.

Note: If the total amount of your roundups for the week is less than €1.00, Bitstack will debit you a minimum of €1.00.

Instead of trying to "time the market", many investors use a recurring purchase strategy (or "dollar-cost averaging" or "DCA") to reduce the impact of market volatility by investing a smaller amount in an asset at regular intervals.

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