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Bitstack pricing and fees disclosures
Bitstack pricing and fees disclosures
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Bitstack charges a 1.49% fee (minimum fee of €0.29) when you buy or sell bitcoin. Fees will be listed on the trade preview screen before you complete the transaction.

When you preview and place buy and sell orders, Bitstack includes a spread in the quoted price. Quoted prices or exchange rates are shown on the trade preview screen before you submit your transaction.

The quoted price is the average price of bitcoin currently selling across other major exchanges.

Spread increases the likelihood a transaction succeeds and allows Bitstack to temporarily lock in your quoted price while your order is processed.

When you withdraw bitcoin, you will not be charged a network fee. Bitstack subsidizes network fees for users and batches Bitcoin transactions to save on fees. It involves consolidating multiple payments into a single transaction with many outputs. Because Bitcoin fees are paid based on how much data the transaction uses, combining multiple transactions into a single transaction can lower data overhead and thus save on fees.

To view the fee of a specific Bitcoin purchase or withdrawal:

  1. Tap the Activity tab on your Bitstack home screen

  2. Select a Bitcoin transaction

The fee and exchange rate will be displayed.

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