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How do I verify my identity?
How do I verify my identity?
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As per regulations, Bitstack will ask you to send an image of your photo ID and a photo of your face to confirm your identity. The image of your official ID (from your passport or driver's license, for example) and photo of your face must be sent to us via the app. Please do not send us these documents via email. This is sensitive information that should only be uploaded via the app.

Here is what you will need for the verification process:

  • Official photo identification.

    • You must be 18 years old or older.

    • Upload a passport, a national identity document, or a residence permit. Please note that we, unfortunately, do not accept driving licenses.

    • Check the validity of your ID.

    • Ensure the information on your ID matches the personal information you entered in the app. If the information on your ID does not match your Bitstack account information, you will need to change your personal information.

    • The ID must not be altered, tampered with, or damaged.

  • A cell phone with a camera. Make sure your cell phone camera is not broken and that the image quality is good enough to read all the information on your ID.

The quality of the recorded images plays an essential role in the success of the verification process. Here are some recommendations:

  • Take a clear picture. Make sure the image is not too dark or too light, and that it is free of glare. Try not to shake and wait for the camera to focus to avoid blurry pictures.

  • Make sure the entire ID is in the picture. Be careful not to cover any part of the ID with your fingers. Ideally, lay it on a flat surface.

  • Do not cover any part of your face. Remove sunglasses, mask, and other accessories.

  • Take the photo in a location with adequate ambient light. Avoid standing in too bright a light, which may create shadows on your face or on the ID. Also avoid standing in front of a bright light, as your face may be overexposed and reflections may appear on your ID.

If you are unable to upload your ID after following these steps, contact Bitstack Support via chat in the app or by email at

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