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How do Whole Round-Ups work?
How do Whole Round-Ups work?
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Whole Round-Ups allow you to control how much is actually rounded up and invested on whole transactions (.00).

When you enable Whole Round-Ups, Bitstack will automatically invest €0.00, €0.25, €0.50, €0.75, or €1.00 each week in bitcoin depending on the value you selected. For example, if you spend €21.00 and selected a Whole Round-Ups of €0.75, Bitstack will round up your purchase to €21.75 and automatically invest the difference €0.75 in bitcoin.

How do I modify Whole Round-Ups?

  • Tap on the Wallet tab

  • Tap on Round-Ups button

  • Slide the Whole Round-Ups cursor to the desired amount

  • Tap on the Save button

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