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Do I have to declare my Bitstack account for tax purposes?
Do I have to declare my Bitstack account for tax purposes?
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Do I need to declare my account?

Digital assets accounts held in France do not need to be declared. If you have a Bitstack account, you do not have to declare it. However, if you've realized cryptocurrency gains, you will need to declare them when filing your taxes.

Bitstack is a company registered as a digital asset service provider (DASP) with the Financial markets authority (AMF) in France. If you are a French tax resident, you do not need to fill out the 3916 form: Declaration of an account opened or held abroad.

Do I need to declare my transactions?

In France, capital gains are subject to a single flat-rate withholding tax and are taxed at a global rate of 30%. You will therefore have to declare your taxable transactions when you file your taxes. You will find more information on the website.

When should I do my tax declaration?

Your capital gains must be declared each year when you file your taxes. The dates are different depending on the country in which you are a fiscal resident.

Your capital gains must be declared each year even if you have already declared them the previous year. It is always for the year N-1. Effectively, if you opened an account in 2022, you will have to report it in 2023 during the 2022 tax filing season.

How to calculate and declare my cryptocurrency capital gains?

In order to allow you to make your cryptocurrency tax return with peace of mind, we invite you to use our partner Waltio - the #1 tax assistant in France.

Please follow the instructions below to automatically calculate and declare your cryptocurrency capital gains safely:

  1. Tap in the app on Account > Documents > Tax declaration > I declare with Waltio

  2. An email will be sent to you with a .csv file attached containing all your transactions from your Bitstack account

  3. Create an account on Waltio

  4. Upload your .csv file sent by Bitstack via email on Waltio

  5. Access the payment module before launching your analysis, subscribe to Waltio, and get a 10% discount using the code BITSTACK

You can find a guide written by our partner Waltio to fill in the cryptocurrency part of your tax return here.

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